Trends of Prices of Properties in the UK in 2021

Trends of Prices of Properties in the UK in 2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the property market in the UK has changed. The virus outbreak has equally affected all those involved in the sector. With lockdown came more hassles for the sector. Construction sites had to shut down or do minimal work, house viewings had to stop as well.

Visit for a list of real estate companies in the UK and more information about them such as customer opinions. Even with the setbacks and more lockdowns, the sector is operating strongly. Property viewings continued, though differently.

·       Differences in Price

Different regions in the UK don’t have the same price change even with the market bubbling. Property prices in London differ from other parts of England as do the conditions like the type of property, ownership, location, and other things. By February this year, house prices had soared at a rate of 1.1{b54d53bcce54f11ebcdd10f64fdc1269d1455ff39ce0169615a4c34f13141e2e} making the average UK house price to be between £254,000 to £254,341.

·       Repairs and Insurance Issues

Another part is the ability to maintain and continue repairs or construction on properties. Insurance companies providing insurance for property owners also saw a reduction in regular payments. You can check home insurance brands reviews in the UK to get more information about insurance brands.

·       Working from Home

People have seen the benefits of working from home because of COVID-19 induced lockdowns. Many quite enjoy the thrill of it as it allows them to spend more time with loved ones as well as the reduction in work-related stress. This has led to a tremendous demand for more space.

More space for homeschooling, home-run businesses, people buying to rent out or lease, or building to rent out (build-to-rent), and the likes have helped to spike this sudden need for space.

·       New Demand

The build-to-rent area of the sector has seen considerable growth too. Tenants are looking for modern apartments that they can co-share with others and with enough modern amenities that will suit their lifestyles. Space is very important to them, especially if they are working remotely and require an environment that provides the feel of an office for them.

Though properties have always been demanded by people, but not like this. Analysts never imagined such a rise could occur, and at such a time like this. No one would have predicted that the property market would withstand and even override the effects of a pandemic like this.

·       Future Predictions

As more people look for properties, the sector remains one of the strongest in the economy. And market analysts project that they will still record considerable growth in the coming months because of the rising demand for properties, especially larger ones and outdoor spaces due to work-life priorities.

Though some believe that in the long run, maybe towards the end of the year 2021, this growth could nosedive because a recession that is as strong as this has never occurred in the region. Especially with the current levels of uncertainty and a probable rise in unemployment forecasted or expected.


Whatever the case may be, for now, people are cashing in on this demand and definitely will hope it continues to rise.