Top 5 Real Estate Websites for Rental Properties

Top 5 Real Estate Websites for Rental Properties

About 52{85d1cc62702a1bab33b452127a8fa4625ec13275f169154e7b091e61fef0c3e4} of those who bought houses and other real estate properties found them through realtors.

Opinions on Collected.Reviews also show that customers are excited about a popular website where they can easily access the resources required before purchasing or selling a property.

Some real estate websites have over 100 million visitors each month. This isn’t just because they deal in the real estate industry. It’s because their website is popular, offers essential information, and their enterprise is credible. Based on customer feedback, some of the top real estate websites are:

1.  Zillow:

Established in 2006, the company provides a large suite for sellers, renters, landlords, buyers, even agents, and other professionals centered on real estate. The website has a database of over 100 million properties, the largest database for real estate websites. It also offers extensive sorting criteria to visitors. It offers guides on how to buy, sell, or rent apartments in the US and other countries where they have established influence. The website is also efficient on different mobile apps. As one of the most downloaded apps online, it offers you the luxury to search for your potential home, tour through pictures, and make a bid for a property.


This site is in affiliation with the National Association of Realtors. It has over 580 Multiple Listing Services and it facilitates efficient means to find a realtor. It was established in 1996, and since then, it hasn’t disappointed its users. It has great reviews online, and it has been credited to offer environments with absolute peace or pleasure as required by a buyer or renter. As a free app to buyers and sellers, it has developed exceedingly.


This is a hub for renters who want to improve their rental experiences and change their apartments. It has a large library of articles and offers answers to questions any renter could have. Founded in 1992, it is still one of the most ranked lifestyle apps in the Apple Store.


This is another site that has different videos, articles, and checklists for purchasing or selling a property. You can engage in swift sorting, quantity listings, amongst other things on the website.  In existence since 1999, it is an informational website about the real estate industry.

5.  Trulia:

Since 2004, this has been a hub for national, statewide, and local real estate information. It allows you to personalize your search and experiences. You can even use the map to create navigation to a place you want a home. The data shared on the website is accurate and the status is always changing. The data on the app is also easily refreshed which means that it is always updated. The app offers a variety of map views for a property.

These websites are founded to make real estate activities more efficient and easy for customers. And since they’ve been used by customers, there has been an incredible increase in the buying and selling of properties.